Conditions of Use

Payment Method

We accept paypal and credit cards by the paypal system payment

We also accept direct wire transfer.

All charges will be in US Dollars for direct wire transfer.

For large sum order, we recommend you to pay by wire transfers. Once you placed order using wire transfers, we will inform you the bank details by email then. will begin processing your order once our bank confirms receipt of full amount due (usually Inter-bank money transfers take 5 - 9 days).

You should understand the related costs on Wire Transfer beforehand as you are responsible for all the related costs, including a fee for the wire transfer service and all hidden charges that your home bank is charged by other routing banks during the wire transfer. Note that our bank does not charge additional fees and therefore you should ask your own bank about all charges (including hidden ones) that will be charged against the amount you wire.

Please ensure to wire enough to cover all charges so that the final net amount paid to Leopard Model equals the TOTAL amount of your order.

For large order, you will be asked to pay in advance only, using wire transfers, before we can ship out your merchandise. This eliminates the risk of fraud due to stolen credit cards, the most common form of Internet fraud, in these transactions. Leopard Model reserves the right to insist on wire transfers depending on the dollar amount and the country in question.

Please note that we do not accept bank drafts or personal checks.